Insidious: The Red Door’ Trailer Goes Further, Brings Back Original Cast & Old Demons

Tip toe, through the window, past the red door and into the Further you go. The official trailer to Insidious: The Red Door is finally here and it looks scarier than ever.

Insidious: The Red Door is the fifth instalment to the popular horror franchise and brings back the original cast from Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2. Ty Simpkins reprises his role as Dalton Lambert while Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne return to play couple Josh and Renai Lambert respectively. Franchise mainstay Lin Shaye is back again as medium Elise Rainier too.

This is the first time we see the original cast since Chapter 2. The third and fourth movie, Chapter 3 and The Last Key, introduced and focused on new characters, making The Red Door a direct sequel to Chapter 2 for the Lamberts.

The trailer sees Dalton all grown up and heading to college. His college dream quickly turns into a living nightmare when the repressed demons of his past suddenly return to haunt him and his dad once more. The two even went back into the Further, and this time likely farther than before, and come face to face with the same Lipstick-Face Demon again.

The Red Door marks Wilson’s directorial debut. In addition to Wilson, Simpkins and Byrne, The Red Door also stars Andrew Astor, Peter Dager, Jarquez McClendon, Sinclair Daniel and Hiam Abbass.

Tip toe through Insidious: The Red Door on 7 July.