Death Stranding & Other Sony First-Party Games Still Coming To PS4

The PlayStation 4 may well be in its twilight years, with Sony already having one foot firmly in the future with the PS5. However, Sony has also confirmed that some of its upcoming first-party games will still becoming to the PS4.

Upcoming titles such as the aforementioned Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II are yet to officially see the light of day, but this reassurance from Sony means it’s only a matter of time before we get some official release dates.


In fact, the latter is close to wrapping up its development and will soon enter post-production and playtesting, so there may be hope just yet. We’re still in the dark with the other two games, however.


The PS5 will not be released until after April 2020. If we are to be realistic, perhaps some of these first-party titles may even be debutants on the new flagship console of the next generation, while still being a PS4 title.

No other Sony first-party games have been announced after the three aforementioned ones, which could only mean that all hands are on deck for developing games for the PS5.

Speaking of the PS5, recent leaks have shown off just exactly what the upcoming successor to the PS4 can do better than it.