The Last of Us Part II Is Approaching Its Final Stages Of Development

The Last of Us Part II might just be getting a 2019 release date as it was revealed that developer Naughty Dogs is on the lookout for new staff members to help “close out this game”.

Co-director Anthony Newman posted a tweet on his account, stating that the studio will be hiring a large number of animators, game designers, and programmers to join The Last of Us Part II’s team. He also made another comment stating that the studio is looking to “close out” work on the game which strongly suggests that the game is already in its final stage of development.

This is highly welcome news for fans of the series as it means that they have a rough window for when the game will be released, it could be sometime later this year, or maybe a year or so later, seeing as how Naughty Dog might need to spend time training their new talents first before any closing out of the game can be done.

The last update we received prior to this one was news that that filming for the final scene of the game is already done, and while all these aren’t definite answers for when the game will be released, it is still a major progress and tells us that the game is now one step closer to a full release.

With Sony skipping out on E3 this year, it is likely that we will only get more news of The Last of Us Part II in the coming months, though that too will be dependant on Naughty Dog’s progress after that have hired their necessary talents.