Sega Is Launching Astro City Mini Amusement Center Style Kit Alongside Console On 17 December

It’s all about embracing the old as Sega celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, rolling out one mini retro hardware after another. The Astro City Mini, which was first unveiled in July, will soon join the family with a line-up of 36 titles, and the nostalgia doesn’t quite stop there. Come 17 December 2020, retro enthusiasts will not only be able to get their hands on the scaled-down gaming cabinet, but also the accompanying Astro City Mini Amusement Style Kit, an add-on that takes after the design elements of the original.

With its iconic white body in tow, the kit offers a friendly set-up experience, where you simply have to put the Astro City Mini on the base and slide it in to recreate the retro gaming journey. Instead of a 10-game roster announcement as before, Sega has confirmed 13 picks this time around:

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  • Cotton (1991 / Shooting / 1-player)
  • Shinobi (1987 / Action / Max 2 players)
  • Shadow Dancer (1989 / Action / 1-player)
  • Eswat – Cyber Police E-Swat (1989 / Action / Max 2 players)
  • Crack Down (1989 / Action / Max 2 players)
  • Gain Ground (1988 / Action / Max 2 players)
  • Puyo Puyo (1992 / Puzzle / Max 2 players)
  • Columns (1990 / Puzzle / Max 2 players)
  • Bonanza Bros (1990 / Action / Max 2 players)
  • Ichidanto-R (1994 / Party / Max 2 players)
  • WONDER BOY (1986 / Action / Max 2 players)
  • WONDER BOY Monster Land (1987 / Action / Max 2 players)
  • WONDER BOY Monster Lair (1988 / Action / Max 2 players)

The above titles bring the total count to 23, which leaves the remaining 13 for the final wave of announcements. Of the list, Shadow Dancer is perhaps the most prominent, as it makes its very first appearance on a video game console.

The Astro City Mini, Astro City Mini Control Pad, and Astro City Mini Amusement Centre Style Kit will all be available on 17 December 2020 in Japan for ¥12,800, ¥2,780, and ¥3,980 respectively, with no word of international availability and pricing thus far.

But at least one thing’s for sure, Southeast Asia will also be releasing the mini console and its accompanying accessories concurrently with Japan.

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