Secretlab Magnus vs. Omnidesk Ichi: Which Is The Best Desk For Work & Play?

After a year of staying indoors and at home under the current landscape, it’s no wonder that Singapore’s Secretlab and Omnidesk both recently released two desk products in the market. But despite what anyone thinks of what a desk should be, the Secretlab MAGNUS and the Omnidesk (Ichi) Kawa have a lot in common, but are also poles apart in looks and features. Both offer unique features and are designed for work and play, making them a great addition to your workspace. Both are great tables to have in any home, but the real question is, which is the right one for you?

Hailing from Omnidesk’s recent Ichi (One) collection, the Omnidesk Kawa Standing Desk sports a teak wood tabletop with an epoxy blue resin strip that runs the middle length od the table, to create the illusion of a “stream” cutting across the desk. What makes this table, and each in this series stand out is that due to the nature of the teakwood, each table top is one of a kind, and the company has ensured that the craftsmanship needed to create this collection is also in a league of its own.

Besides the aesthetics, the Omnidesk Kawa Desk is height-adjustable and is perfect for those who spend an excessive amount of time in front of the computer. A standing desk is certainly the best option for those who are in need of relieving their back pains after sitting all day, or for those who get easily restless.

The Omnidesk Kawa Standing Desk comes in three different sizes – 48″, 60″ and 72″, and are priced at S$2,200, S$2,550 and S$2,900 respectively. Although it is a hefty price for a desk, it’s guaranteed that each desk is made unique and would be a great investment due to its sustainability.

Meanwhile, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk, this first from chair maker Secretlab emphasises cable management and control. Unlike the Omnidesk Kawa, the MAGNUS desk hides all cables and organises them to aid in a clutter-free workspace, so if you prefer a clean space, or an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of person, this desk is for you.

Alas, this desk is not height-adjustable but it does boast magnetic features that ensure tidiness is prioritised. The MAGNUS desk is designed as a sleek all-black furniture that suits those who prefer a minimalistic aesthetic. To personalise and spice up the space, accessories of all forms and functionalities can be purchased at Secretlab’s online store as well such as RGB light strips and special edition desk mats.

The Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk comes is 1.5m long with a S$499 price tag, which makes it much cheaper than the Omnidesk Kawa. Built to last due to its metal chassis, this desk is one to stand the test of time.

Regardless of whether you choose to get the Omnidesk Ichi Kawa Standing Desk or the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk, both are quality builds that are great for work and play. Those interested in getting their own Omnidesk Kawa desk may do so through the official website. Those eyeing the Secretlab MAGNUS can head on to their website as well.