7 Best Games To Play With Friends Online in 2021 That Guarantee Plenty Of Laughs

Looking back, 2020 saw video games being a bright spot in an otherwise bleak reality. While some games might not have translated that well online, being able to hang out with friends virtually and share a laugh gave us some form of normalcy.

Depending on where you live in the world, going out into the streets might not be the best idea. However, if you’re fortunate enough to be able to stay at home and keep safe, here’s a list of cool games to play online and stave off cabin fever.

These picks can be played online with friends, are free, plus they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! If you do have a recommendation to share, do let us know as well!

Broken Picturephone

It’s hard enough to communicate in real life through words. Now imagine having to pass on a phrase or word purely through illustration. If you’ve ever played Telestrations in real life, this is the same game but online.

A co-op game with a maximum of 12 players, each participant will be given a digital book where they create and guess drawings and phrases done by one another.

The moderator will start off by making up a phrase or a drawing. As soon as you have finished your page, the book will be sent to another active player while receiving one for yourself as well. Using only the previous page, make the best phrase or drawing to match what is seen. Once done, each participant will receive back their own books and present what has been written and drawn on them.

This game is best played with friends with horrible illustration skills for maximum laughs.

As this is a game best played with live reactions, it is encouraged to have friends get together online through Zoom or Discord to best enjoy each other’s company.

Bunch App

Just like a house party where everyone plays amazing games together, the Bunch app brings everyone together anytime, anywhere to play multiplayer games through a group video chat. With a maximum of eight players, there are 11 minigames to choose from, each having a duration not more than five minutes. 

Games available in the app range from, Charades, Trivia, Pool, Flappy Bird, Fun Run and even bringing the board game, Exploding Kittens to a digital platform. This app will certainly curb any separation anxiety that every friend group will experience during these tough times.

Available for both iOS and Android, the Bunch app can be installed in their respective play stores and most importantly, it’s free. 

Cards Against Humanity

A classic card game now accessible to be played through a website, Cards Against Humanity is an adult party game where players compete to fill in the blanks of each statement given with words or phrases. The goal is to have the funniest answer to win. However, these answers are usually leaning on a more offensive or controversial side hence is suited for a more mature audience. 

This game is also recommended to play while gathered through a chat programme, to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings arising throughout the game.

Admittedly, this is one of the weaker entries in the list but there seems to have enough fans to warrant a mention


Those familiar with the board game version will find this online one to be similar. However, if you have not heard of such a game, it’s super easy to play. Gather up to a maximum of eight players and you are good to go. 

Players are split into two teams – Red and Blue. One player from each team becomes a spymaster who provides clues to the words they want their respective teams to figure out. Spymasters can’t give teammates the exact word that’s on the screen, but they can provide one-word synonyms or clues. Correct guesses mean that the team gets to guess more words until they win or until they guess incorrectly. Just make sure not to guess the black card, as that becomes an instant loss.

Qwiq Wit

Another web browser game, Qwiq Wit is best played with a lot of people. Up to 30 players in one room, each one will compete in coming up with the best answer.

A question will appear on screen, players will need to type down their answers, going head-to-head with each other. The funnier the answer, the higher the chance of winning. The best answer will be voted on as a whole. Just don’t forget to vote as well as this will be worth extra points in the end.


If your group of friends perhaps don’t have any access to a webcam, this might be the perfect game to play as a group. Similar to the classic game of Pictionary, each person is given a chance to select a word to draw and of which other participants will have to guess what it is. The earlier you guess, the higher the points given to you.


Now, if you have not heard of houseparty, you’re probably leaving under a rock. Nevertheless, we’re bringing back this iconic app that has been used by millions of people after quarantine became the new norm. 

This app lets groups of friends hang out in front of the camera while playing multiple in-app games. Simply invite a friend or up to 7 others over, pick a game, and start playing. There are many games to choose from such as Heads Up!, Quick Draw, Trivia! and many more. It is indeed a staple app for those experiencing quarantine blues.

Houseparty is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free.

And that’s it for our list of the best games to play online with your friends during this tough period. Although it can be argued that some of these games are better played face-to-face, it is no denying that having the company of your friends during these times are still enjoyable and fun either way. After all, what else can we do but stay vigilant in exercising the safety measures in place to once again be able to meet up in bigger groups.