Rocksteady Not Behind That Leaked Harry Potter Game!

Bad news, the leaked footage of the new Harry Potter game was taken down. Good news, it was taken down by Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive. That means someone out there really is working on a Harry Potter game and it’s not just some sick joke of a prankster riding on the hopes of a billion Potterheads.

Some dedicated sleuths thought that Rocksteady Studios were the developers behind the footage. They have been working on an unnamed project for a while and they’re also owned by Warner Bros. Rocksteady is also the developer behind the critically acclaimed Batman Arkham series. It made sense that they could be working on a Harry Potter RPG.

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But it seems like sources familiar with the company have claimed that Rocksteady is not working on the leaked Harry Potter game.

The next developer to point a finger at is Avalanche Software, which has just been acquired by Warner Bros. from Disney. Avalanche was responsible for Disney Infinity, an action-adventure sandbox with characters from Disney properties.

Ever since their acquisition by Warner Bros, Avalanche has been working on an unnamed game that needed staff that has a “deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation” and knowledge of “gaming narrative and branching storytelling, particularly in the realm of RPGs”. Now what property does Warner Bros. has that is steeped in British culture and would make a really good RPG? Hmmm…

It all seems to line up. This unnamed project that Avalanche is working on is about a year away from being released, which fits with some sources who say that the Harry Potter game is also about a year away from release. Start counting down the days, folks.

Lizo Mzimba, who seems to know a few people involved, have given us insights on possible titles for the upcoming game.

Please don’t let it be Magic Forever.

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