Apple Unleashes Seventy New Emojis For All Your Expressive Needs

Seventy new emojis will be coming to iOS users with the latest iOS 12.1, so if you are using an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac, you’ll find your emoji horizons expanded. There will be bald characters, characters sporting curls, characters with flaming ginger hair (for all your Weasley family emoji needs) and characters boasting silver-white tresses, amongst new food items and sport paraphernalia.

Yes, there’s finally an emoji for the Mooncake, as well as everyone’s favourite Red Gift Envelope aka Hongbao, and sports fans can celebrate the addition of new icons for softball, frisbee and lacrosse, while

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And while those are all pretty rad, here are the emojis we think we’ll be making it to our daily messaging habits:

Look at it. Just look at it. Come on, who could resist this face? This is perfect when you’re attempting to convince your pals it would be a wonderful vacation idea to jump on a canoe and sail off into the sunset where a waterfall is hopefully not waiting. It just screams, pretty please with extra icing and sprinkles on top. Ten out of ten, would use.

Speaking of icing and sprinkles, there’s also the new cupcake emoji. And we don’t know about you, but this author finds it pretty difficult to say no to a cupcake. Cupcakes are great. They’re sweet, and small, and you can finish them off in five mouthfuls, probably. What’s not to like about cupcakes?

And it’s a versatile emoji. It could be a nice ‘aw, thank you, friend, here have a cupcake’ sort of emoji, but it could also be a ‘F*** you, friend, I know you’re hungry, so stare at this amazing cupcake you can’t consume’ vindictive display of spite. Great for all occasions.

Okay, this will likely be relevant only for millenials and under, but boy, do we love it: Salt. If you’re not familiar with the vernacular, it’s a term used to express our seething rage at everything wrong with society, humanity, normative constructs, oppressive hegemonies, structural indoctrinations, extremist advocacies, and… the list goes on.

Now, when you’re totally done with (insert choice injustice), you can smash that emoji to your heart’s content and send it out to your friends for an emotionally cathartic purging of long-suffering salt. A+ for venting frustrations.

And that’s it, our favourite emojis of the lot. But hey, if they don’t quite appeal to you, fret not, there’s sure to to be something for you out of the seventy in iOS’ new update.

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