Riot Teams Up With Marvel For League Of Legends Comic Adaptation

After League of Legends released that insanely catchy K-Pop inspired music video — featuring their all-new female idol group K/DA, comprising of striking Visual Ahri, girl-crush-epitome Rapper Akali, and sultry Vocalists, Evelyn and Kai’Sa — which practically set the internet on fire, they’re continuing their campaign to draw in mainstream audiences with a Marvel Comics collaboration.

At this point, the superhero giant is basically a household name, so anything with Marvel stamped on it is sure to garner some attention, positive or otherwise.

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To date, all of League of Legends’ comics have been published on their site. They generally serve as backstory for characters who may not come across as complex or as sympathetic within the game. Riot’s head of creative development, Greg Street, told The Verge that “those were really helpful in figuring out the direction we are now committing to for our series with Marvel”.

The joint project will be a graphic novel titled, League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother. With Riot’s senior narrative designer and writer Odin Austin Shafer and artist Nina Vakueva on board, the comic will be set in the frozen lands Freljord, and follow its titular character — and the face of the franchise — Ashe as she sets out on her hero’s journey to become the ruler her people needs.

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Coming December 19, 2018, the first issue of the comic will be available on digital platforms, and it will subsequently follow a monthly release schedule. The complete, physical edition will eventually be up for grabs in May 2019.

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