Rick and Morty’s Samurai & Shogun Animated Short Has A Planned Sequel

Kaichi Satou, director and scriptwriter for Studio DEEN’s amazing Rick and Morty animated short Samurai & Shogun has revealed that there is a planned sequel in the works. 

According to Anime News Network, Sato has stated that he has a number of ideas for the sequel and hopes that one day he will be able to see his own ideas brought into the main Rick and Morty story.

Samurai & Shogun is a 5 minute animated short by Studio DEEN by Kaichi, alongside producer Koji Iijima and executive producer Maki Terashima-Furuta, the president of Production I.G. USA. It is based off the 1970 manga Lone Wolf and Cub, and features Rick WTM-72 doing his bloody best to prevent Shogun Morty from returning into the hands of a small army of Ninja Ricks.

Perhaps the sequel could help to shed some more light on who exactly Rick WTM-72 is, and Shogun Morty’s importance to him. A release date for the sequel has yet to be announced.

Aside from Samurai & Shogun, Adult Swim has also streamed an eight-minute Rick and Morty vs. Genocider animated short that was written and directed by Tower of God’s director Takashi Sano.