Resident Evil 3 Parody On Panic Buying Is Absolute Gold

Jaze Phua is back at it once again with another parody trailer, this time it’s on the upcoming remake of the classic survival horror game Resident Evil 3. 

Best known for his Naruto #MirrorRunChallenge, as well as the Avengers: Endgame parody trailer he did, Phua stylised his Resident Evil 3 parody trailer to reflect the happenings of current times, more specifically toilet paper hoarding and panic buying. 

Titled Evil Residents: The Lockdown, the trailer sees a toilet paper pandemic happening in the city, with what appears to be lifeless zombies ambling around trying to get their hands on whatever toilet paper they can find. All while a group of survivors try their best to outwit and survive against them. 

It’s all in good fun, especially with the ‘Toilet Paper Count’ counting down to the last toilet paper available in the city. Very reminiscent of the toilet paper shortage countries around the world experienced.

As well as Doctor Birkin at the start clinging onto his precious rolls of toilet paper, refusing to give it up. 

However, through this parody trailer, Phua has an important message to share.

Buy what you need and do not panic buy! As always, stay safe and healthy at home and play Resident Evil 3 because its out now on most platforms!

That’s right, do not be an evil resident. Only buy what you need, lest it results in a toilet paper pandemic as we see in Phua’s trailer. 

For those stuck as home and eagerly awaiting the release of the Resident Evil 3 remake, it will hit shelves on 3 April. In the meantime, you can check out all the other free games available to play, as well as what shows to binge-watch while you are in quarantine.