Rogue Legacy 2 Revealed For More Roguelike Goodness

Back in 2013, developers Cellar Door Games gave us the gem that was Rogue Legacy. The 2D action-platformer that had stellar roguelike elements was impressive in gameplay, gorgeous to look at, and just a fun challenge every single time. Now, a sequel has officially been revealed.

“Your Legacy continues,” Cellar Door Games wrote in a tweet revealing Rogue Legacy 2, while also revealing a few screenshots of the game.

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No release date or platforms have been announced for Rogue Legacy 2, but it is likely to come to current consoles and PC. More information will be available at a later date.

Rogue Legacy 2 will likely continue the first game’s focus on ancestry and heirs. Adventuring through a randomly generated castle, each death brings a new heir into the fold. With different classes, abilities, and even traits, the game’s solid gameplay and humour certainly made every adventure an enjoyable one.