PS5 DualSense Controller Battery Life Leaked, Can Reportedly Last 4 Hours More Than DualShock 4

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from what little we currently know of the PlayStation 5, it’s that bigger is better (or so they say, at least). But what everyone can certainly appreciate is more battery life, and that’s apparently what the new DualSense controller offers.

According to a leak via @Galaxyrain666 on Twitter (via VGC), it looks as though the new wireless controller will sport a 1,560mAh battery, which is already much larger than the DualShock 4’s 1,000mAh battery.

The poster above claims to work for an accessories company, and clearly shows the DualSense in its entirety, alongside a DualShock 4. In any case, on paper, this means that the DualSense could last “3 to 4 hours” more than the DualShock 4, according to a recent discussion on Reddit.

Whether this claim is true remains to be seen, but the larger battery size only makes sense, given how much more features the DualSense boasts over the DualShock 4, including enhanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, as well as an integrated speaker which has the capacity to deliver a wider sound dynamic range. Additionally, since it will use a USB-C cable for charging, we imagine players will need not worry too much about charging the DualSense for long before going wireless again.

Another certainty is that the DualShock 4 will not be compatible with the PS5, so folks looking to make the transition will have to nab the DualSense as well (which will be included in all PS5 boxes anyway) to be able to experience the new console in its full glory.

More details on the DualSense controller will be unveiled at a later date.

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