The PlayStation 5 Memes Are Here And We Are Loving It

After all these months of teasing us with its latest console, Sony has finally unveiled the PlayStation 5 in a digital online event, along with a bevvy of games that are slated to release on the PS5. 

As you can see, the new PS5 console does look chic, futuristic… and extremely meme-worthy.

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Not long after the reveal of the PS5, the internet has responded by doing what it does best: making some frankly amazing memes based on the PS5, and we’ve collected some of the best memes we have found right here.

So, have a look at these hilarious memes for yourself and have a good laugh while we wait for the console to drop sometime later this year.

Some of the memes poke fun at the PS5 for resembling household appliances,

While others compared the PS5 to other items such as a duck’s beak, the Pope’s hat, and even the Sauron.

And even Yu-Gi-Oh’s Seto Kaiba.

While others just made comments on how the PS5 looks in comparison to the next-gen Xbox.


And finally, of course, the PS5 internet router memes.

Despite all the memes that were made, we’re sure they were all done in good fun, as we know everyone (us included) were super excited for the console’s reveal and in these trying times, a little bit of positive news is definitely welcome. Now to wait for the holidays to arrive.