Possible For Alita: Battle Angel Sequel On Disney+ Says Director Robert Rodriguez

Despite Alita: Battle Angel not performing extremely well in the box office, earning only US$400 million on a US$170 million production budget, the film still manages to gain a cult following since its release, with fans clamouring for a sequel.

While the chances of a sequel happening look slim at the moment, director Robert Rodriguez remains optimistic in an interview with Forbes, stating that streaming might help increase the film’s potential for a sequel.

“I think anything is possible. Disney bought Fox, and they have Disney+, so that is worth the conversation,” Rodriguez said. “I know other people would love to see another, and I would love to do another one. As far as where it would go or how it would be made, I think streaming has opened up many opportunities such as sequels. 

“It’s already a pre-sold concept, it’s already got a built-in audience that wants to see it, and then it’s delivered to them in a way that’s the easiest for them to consume. So, it’s not a bad idea.”

Alita: Battle Angel is based on the manga by Yukito Kishiro and centres around a cyborg by the name of Alita who gets taken in by Doctor Dyson Ido. As it turns out, Alita has no memories of her past, and thus sets out on a journey to uncover her destiny.

The film did end on a sequel tease, with Alita taking the fight to Nova. James Cameron, the original director for the movie, had also previously revealed that there were plans for two sequels. Though whether those two films will actually see the light of day now remains entirely in the hands of Disney.