Pokémon Shirts Brand Original Stitch Returns With Limited-Edition Designs By Illustrator Inori Kito

Pokémon apparel can’t seem to catch a break with brands such as Graniph and UNIQLO churning out brand new designs for Pokéfans. And if you remember Pokémon Shirts and its physical store in Harajuku, you’ll love their newest limited-edition prints by Japanese illustrator Inori Kito (Instagram @inorii).

Pokémon Shirts is a customisable dress shirt line that comes from Japanese label, Original Stitch. Their new collection will feature five new designs created by Kito. Each print was hand-drawn by her with the Pokémon alongside cute motifs representing their personalities or battle types. Her dainty, colourful art style adds a delicate touch to the electrifying Pokémon shirt line that fans will surely enjoy.

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The first is a sweet design of a cute Snorlax laying around surrounded by colourful berries, a huge favourite of the Pokémon.

The second design sees Eeveelutions Espeon and Umbreon playfully hopping around among the stars and galaxies.

The third design is of cheeky little Ditto taking the form of various flora and fruits in a pink-and-red on white colour scheme.

The fourth design goes dark with Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar, the ghostly Pokémon who zip between pine trees and moons, waiting to haunt you this spooky season.

And last but not least, we have a blue shirt with a design that truly rocks! The Pokémon featured are Larvitar and its evolutions, Pupitar, and Tyranitar popping in between pieces of rocks. 

Moreover, Pokémon Shirts allows Pokéfans to customise their own Inori Kito designs by mixing and matching the five prints. An example is the one seen below whereby the main shirt consists of the Eeveelutions print while the collar and cuffs feature the Larvitar print.

Furthermore, fans who order the Pokémon Shirts (be it the limited-edition ones or not) from within Japan will stand a chance to enter a competition to win one of the five original sketches of the Inori Kito shirt designs!

These unique prints are a must-have for any fan. However, they are only available for a limited period from now till 13 November 2020. If you wish to collect them all, do head over to the website to place your orders before they disappear.