'Pokémon Go' Developers Reveals New Marvel World of Heroes AR Game

‘Pokémon Go’ Developers Reveals New Marvel World of Heroes AR Game

If you thought the world of location-based, augmented reality games couldn’t get even cooler, enter Pokémon Go developers Niantic‘s latest project, the superhero-powered Marvel World of Heroes, which will arrive sometime in 2023.

Having taken over the world by storm with Pokémon Go, it makes perfect sense for Marvel to tap on Niantic in order to deliver a different kind of experience for fans to enjoy while on the go. Although gameplay details are not particularly in-depth, it is likely that players will have plenty to do alongside recognisable heroes.

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That means creating your own superhero identity in Marvel World of Heroes, and working alongside Marvel characters in the real world. There may also be instances where you are able to use superpowers such as Doctor Strange’s magic or even Thor’s Mjolnir.

Ahead of the release next year, interested players can already pre-register their interest now. There could be some goodies awaiting early adopters, and judging from the huge social element that plays a part in the popularity of Go, we can expect Marvel World of Heroes to do the same.

In addition to this Marvel project that was revealed at the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, Niantic has also worked on other big IP collaborations like Harry Potter, Pikmin, and even Transformers. It remains to be seen whether Marvel World of Heroes will be a success or just something that fizzles out quickly.