PlayStation 5 Teased By Sony Ahead Of CES 2020

Just a week ahead of the upcoming CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Showcase), a potential reveal of the PlayStation 5 has been teased by Sony.

The PlayStation 5 dev kit render by LetsGoDigital.

On the official Sony website, a curious one-liner saying “The future is coming” suggests that it will be “unveiling a unique vision of the future, bringing creativity and technology like never before, to unleash new sensations and emotions.”

The phrase above, while not exactly focused on the PS5, is indicative of the Japanese MNC’s initiative to make entertainment a focal point in its design philosophy, as stated by CEO Kenichiro Yoshida back at last year’s CES.

This, of course, could include the PS5, which already is shaping up to be a technical beast, with its ability to reduce load speeds to a minimum, support 8K resolution and backwards compatibility. As for the actual aesthetics of the new machine, the leaked dev kit could suggest how it might look like during the reveal.

But to be fair, Sony’s previous CES showings have never included anything related to PlayStation, and it usually saves all its gaming-related announcements at E3.

However, this might change given how Sony had a no-show at E3 2019, so it might be good to look out for anything bearing the PlayStation logo at CES next week.