Sony Patent Reveals Design Of PlayStation 5 Dev Kit

Pictures of a patent recently filed by Sony may have revealed the design for the PlayStation 5 developer kit

PlayStation 5 dev kit

When photos of the patent started surfacing across the net, many assumed that it was for the PlayStation 5 because, well, what else could it be?

It did not take long for a developer by the name of Matthew Stott to post a tweet, claiming that the device in the patent is indeed the PS5 dev kit. He knows this for sure as, according to him, he has one in his office. The tweet has since been taken down.

According to his LinkedIn, Stott has been working in the game industry since 1992 and is currently a senior artist at Codemasters, the studio behind numerous racing games such as Onrush, Grid, and F1.

This means that Stotts is a verified developer from a pretty big gaming studio in the UK. The fact that Sony has already sent out PS5 dev kits to developers a while back does lend credibility to his claim.

That said, it is still best to take Stott’s words with a pinch of salt, since Sony has yet to release any official statement confirming his claims.

PlayStation 4 dev kit

Those who remember the dev kit for the PS4 will recall that it was just as bulky as the rumoured PS5 dev kit, with similar design elements such as the grates and ports. 

It will definitely be interesting to see how different the PS5 will turn out to be once it is released. Though we will not be seeing it happen anytime before April 2020.

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