Jordan Peele’s Next Horror Movie Set For Halloween 2026

Jordan Peele, renowned for his unique blend of horror and social commentary, has announced 23 October 2026 as the release date for his upcoming, yet untitled horror film film. The timing is fitting, tapping into the Halloween season, a period synonymous with horror, an area in which Peele has notably excelled.

Peele, who originally made his mark in comedy, transitioned to horror with the critically acclaimed Get Out in 2017. The film not only garnered him an Oscar for Original Screenplay but also achieved nominations across multiple categories including Best Picture and Best Director, while Daniel Kaluuya received a nomination for Best Actor.

On a modest budget of US$4.5 million, Get Out impressively raked in US$255.4 million globally. Following the success of Get Out, Peele continued to explore the horror genre with Us in 2019 and Nope in 2022, with box office earnings of US$256.2 million and US$171.2 million respectively.

The announcement of the 2026 film came via a post on X/Twitter by Peele, without additional details. However, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Universal Pictures has reserved the October date for Peele’s next venture. This release is a shift from the initially planned Christmas 2024 premiere, which was postponed due to the disruptive WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes last year.

In addition to directing, Peele remains active as a producer through his Monkeypaw Productions banner. He is set to release Him, starring Marlon Wayans, on 19 September 2025. Beyond his film projects, Peele is also venturing into video gaming, collaborating with Hideo Kojima on an upcoming game titled OD.

Jordan Peele

Peele’s films are more than just box office successes, they are cultural events that draw audiences eager for his signature cinematic style that deftly combines eerie suspense with poignant social critique. His ability to attract moviegoers to theatres is particularly notable in an era where streaming services are becoming dominant.

While details of his 2026 project remain under wraps, the choice of a Halloween season release suggests that Jordan Peele will continue to delve into the horror genre. Fans of his work have much to look forward to with his upcoming productions and the intrigue surrounding his next steps in filmmaking.