Nintendo Switch Pro May Not Release In 2020

While many are no doubt excited for the release of the next generation of console gaming in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, arguably an equal amount of people are excited for the potential release of the Nintendo Switch Pro.

Well, it looks as though we may not have the Switch Pro any time soon. As reported by ReutersSam Nussey, who was at a Nintendo executive briefing in Tokyo earlier this week, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa says the Japanese gaming giant has “no plans” to release a new version of the Switch in 2020.

The Nintendo Switch Pro was originally rumoured to release around the summer, with an expected retail price of US$399. Specs-wise, it is reportedly capable of native 4K support, bigger cartridge sizes, among other upgrades to the original Switch.

Potential new hardware that could be included in the Switch Pro could be a new touch pen, which saw a patent of it circling the Internet recently.

The last new iterations of the Nintendo Switch that were released were the exact same model with an improved battery, which released in July 2019, and the more portable (but not switchable) Switch Lite, which released two months later in September 2019.

While Furukawa-san did state that Nintendo had “no plans” to release a new model, it is interesting to note that he didn’t say that the company wouldn’t be making a new Switch, so if anything, we are certainly assured of a new Switch in the near future. Now the question is, when?

For now, we could perhaps look at Alienware’s Concept UFO as an indication of how the Switch Pro could perform.