New Nintendo Patent Reveals Touch Pen Attachment For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

A new patent has been discovered which reveals that Nintendo has plans to develop a touch pen attachment for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

The patent was first filed by Nintendo on 4 June 2019 and published on 16 January 2020, along with a bunch of images and information on how the touch pen attachment would work. 

As illustrated in the images, the attachment is designed to work when the Switch is in handheld mode. Players will slide the attachment onto either the left or right Joy-Con and then use it to draw on the touchscreen.

The thickness of the lines drawn can be changed by pressing on the buttons of the Joy-Con. The attachment will also be able to make use of the Joy-Con’s HD rumble function as in another illustration, it shows the Joy-Con vibrating in response to objects being touched on the screen.

Nintendo has previously already released a Nintendo Switch stylus for easy drawing on the touchscreen though unlike the touch pen attachment, it does not work together with the Joy-Cons and its various features. 

It remains unclear if the patent will ever be turned into an actual accessory but if it does, it will surely unlock various interesting new ways to play on the Nintendo Switch. And if you missed using the stylus during the days of the 3DS, this will certainly be a familiar sight to you.

With rumours of a Nintendo Switch Pro on the way this year, perhaps Nintendo intends to design the touch pen attachment to be best used with the Pro model.