New Nintendo Switch With Improved Battery Life Drops After Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch has been around for some time now, and so far few complaints have been raised for Nintendo’s groundbreaking new handheld console hybrid. Well… maybe for marathon gamers who enjoy long stretches of gaming on the go.

It appears that a new Switch has been announced, according to the Nintendo website. The new model (HAC-001) comes with a more powerful battery that can last between up to 9 hours, as opposed to the original (HAC-001), which can only go up to 6.5 hours.

The new Nintendo Switch will be able to run Breath of the Wild for approximately 5.5 hours.

Of course, this would depend on the game you’re running. More graphics-intensive games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would typically run for about 3 hours on the original model. It runs for approximately 5.5 hours on the updated Switch.

But that’s not all — it looks as though this updated model will also be getting a new processor and flash storage chips. This is according to a new document petitioning for a “Class II Permissive Change” to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that surfaced earlier this month.

The updated Switch seems to be making a stealthy entry into the market, as Nintendo hasn’t made a big announcement on it. After all, they have only recently announced the new Nintendo Switch Lite, which has been the centre of attention as of late.

The updated Nintendo Switch will go on sale in August in Japan and early September in Europe. There has yet to be a North American release.