CES 2020: Alienware Unveils Its Nintendo Switch Inspired Handheld That Plays PC Games On The Go

While the traditional console makers battle it out for the premium space in your living room, Nintendo has paved the way for handheld gaming to stake a claim as the true future of gaming with the Nintendo Switch. Now, the more PC-focused brand that is Alienware are jumping in as well with their Concept UFO.

At CES 2020, the company showed off a prototype that is a full Windows 10 gaming PC packed into a familiar-looking handheld shape, with its own detachable controllers and a dock.

The main unit, which is an eight-inch, 1200p display, battery, and the processing and graphical hardware, is complemented by two controllers which attach via a magnetic rail system. There is also a smaller unit like the Joy-Con grip, which allows the controllers to be combined.

There are USB-C ports located on the top and on the bottom of the Concept UFO, which allows it to be charged or connected to an external display. You can even use a mouse and keyboard just like a normal PC.

The key selling point of the Concept UFO is that it is still a PC running Windows, which means developers do not have to port their games specially for the system. Theoretically, the Concept UFO has the same library of games as the entire PC landscape.

While it remains in the concept stage, it is undeniably exciting to see what the future of PC gaming, and gaming as a whole, can be, and we await to see what new developments Alienware will bring in the future.

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