New Nintendo Switch Model Rumoured To Be Launching In 2021

According to reports from Taiwanese newspaper United Daily News, Nintendo might be releasing a new Nintendo Switch model in early 2021.

The news report cited a number of hardware manufacturers involved in the production of the current Nintendo Switch as its source, and states that production for the new Switch model could start as soon as the last quarter of 2020. The article also wrote that the new console will feature improved ‘interactivity’ and better display quality.

Rumours of an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch have been floating around the internet for some time so do take this report with a grain of salt. Though considering that the original Nintendo Switch was first released in March 2017, and a more recent model with a beefed-up battery that launched in 2019, it does seem plausible that we might be getting a new version sometime between January and March 2021. 

With Sony and Microsoft releasing their new next-generation consoles, it will also make sense for Nintendo to want to enter the ring with a new console of its own. 

Only time will tell if this report rings true as Nintendo has yet to officially confirm the release of any new console.