Never Stop Hunting In Real Life With These Monster Hunter World Ties

So, you’ve invested well over hundreds of hours in Monster Hunter World for the past year. You’ve hunted every single monster, in normal, tempered, and arch-tempered forms, collected every miniature and giant trophy for each monster, participated in all the limited-time events, got all the exclusive layered armours, and so on.

You put down your controller to get ready for work, but you’re still thinking about speedrunning that arch-tempered Nergigante coming out in the next few weeks, or completing that Witcher armour set that launched a few weeks ago. It’s not enough. And then you look down at your suit tie, and see that Nergigante is staring right back at you, waiting for you to come home and have a go at him again.

Being immersed in Capcom‘s ultra-popular monster-hunting action game couldn’t get any more immersive than wearing these Monster Hunter World ties in collaboration with business apparel brand Hybrid Work.

These designs – there are eighteen of them total – are based on the colour scheme of some of the most popular and iconic beasts from the game, such as the aforementioned Nergigante, Rathalos, Legiana, Teostra, and even the Hunter’s trusty companion, the Palico.

Each tie measures at 142cm long and 8cm wide at the tongue, and is made out of 100% polyester. The interesting part about the ties is that the ties, from out front, resemble any regular business tie. Flip them over, and you see their true Monster Hunter colours, making these the perfect geeky ties to suit up with and never have to feel judged for wearing your heart on your sleeve neck.

You can pre-order these ties here at the Rakuten online store, and each will go for approximately ¥2,500 / US$18.50 (after taxes).

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