Netflix To Add Over 40 Anime Shows In 2021

Netflix is taking its anime game to another level. During AnimeJapan’s 2021 showcase, the streaming service announced that they will be releasing “around 40” anime titles, movies and series this year. 

Joining the wide array of titles on Netflix would be Way of the Househusband, premiering on 8 April. Animated by J.C. Staff, the comedic series is about a former yakuza member navigating through the ways of raising a family. Additionally, in the same month, Netflix will release MAPPA’s Yasuke, a story of a Black samurai in an alternate-history version of Japan on 29 April 2021.

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Next in line for release would be Eden. Premiering on 27 May, the series is set in a futuristic world filled with robots when a human baby is unexpectedly born. Eden is directed by Yasuhiro Irie who also directed Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


Netflix also announced the premiere of the anime adaptation of Record Ragnarok where gods and humans battle for the fate of the world and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness where the protagonists fight against an outbreak of zombies. Record Ragnarok is slated to premiere in June, whereas Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness has no official release date as of this moment. 

These are just some of the series that Netflix plans on releasing this year. The streaming service has a long list of anime projects currently in development that have yet to receive a release date. Some of these upcoming animes are based on popular series and franchises like The Witcher, Lara Croft, Godzilla, and The Terminator

Netflix is indeed stepping up their game with their anime releases this year. Other than just adapting anime into their platform they have also created their own originals such as the well-received DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. To further support the anime industry, the streaming service went as far as to provide full scholarships to those who aspire to be future animators.

Guess weebs have finally found a place they can call home – and it’s Netflix. 

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