National Treasure TV Series In Development At Disney+ Alongside Third Film

While everyone is pumped to see Nicolas Cage return as Benjamin Gates in the third National Treasure film, it looks as though a new spinoff TV series at Disney+ is also in the making at the same time.

This was revealed by the show’s producer Jerry Bruckheimer in a recent interview with Collider. Though no exact details were revealed, he mentioned that the TV series will feature a “much younger cast”. However, he didn’t indicate whether any of the film counterparts will be making an appearance, despite the series clearly being set in the same universe.

Bruckheimer also stated that both projects are currently in the early stages of pre-production, with the film still being written, and the TV series “in process”. A pilot script and outline of future episodes has already been done up.

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While waiting for the return of Benjamin Gates, fans of Nicolas Cage can look forward to him taking on the reins of Joe Exotic in a future Tiger King TV series.

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