Mighty Jaxx Immortalizes Doc Brown & Marty As Back to the Future x YARMS Figures

In similar fashion to Mighty Jaxx‘s Formula 1 2021 Mighty AllStars Collection and Danil YAD Yarmin’s Hideo Kojima game designer series, this time around Mighty Jaxx is teaming up with YARMS Studio and Universal to head Back to the Future.

If you have a 1:8 scale DeLorean Time Machine in your collection, this upcoming Back to the Future x YARMS vinyl figures (sold as a set of 2) should perfectly compliment it. The pair of vinyl figures stand at 7.5-inches tall (Marty McFly) and 8-inches tall (Doc Brown) and they are dressed in their iconic outfits from the pivotal scene in 1985’s Back to the Future, with Doc Brown holding on to his DeLorean remote controller and Marty with his camcorder.

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Since we’re on the topic of BTTF, let’s relive that iconic scene once again with Doc Brown and Marty:

The Back to the Future x YARMS vinyl figures (sold as a set of 2) will be available for pre-order from 12 March (9am ET) and priced at US$349 with free shipping worldwide.

Speaking of Back to the Future, there are plenty of DeLoreans to be had from Playmobil, Transformers, Kidslogic, LEGO (rumoured for 2022) and even a new, actual luxury sports car.