Mighty Jaxx & Danil YAD Yarmin Immortalise Hideo Kojima With Legendary Figure

From creating one of gaming’s beloved franchises in Metal Gear Solid to indulging in his love for the cinema, Hideo Kojima has been called many things. A movie buff, a gaming visionary, an overrated creator, a horror fan, but now he can add one more thing to his long list of accolades. Kojima is set to be celebrated as a designer toy.

In recognition of Kojima’s latest project, Death Stranding, Russian artist Danil YAD Yarmin has created a collector’s item of a figure as part of the Authors series, a line that pays homage to his heroes.

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Hideo Kojima is a game designer who promotes the gaming industry not only in technical but also in cultural aspects.

With his iconic look and clean design, coupled with the unmistakable BB Pod from the game, this is one extremely

The artist’s renders of Kojima, alongside other notable figures like Takashi Murakami, Tinker Hetfield, and more have since been picked up by Mighty Jaxx, an award-winning design studio specializing in developing art collectables, located right here in Singapore.

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The Tinker Hetfield vinyl figure has been confirmed, with the Kojima one starting pre-orders this January 11, and is sure to cause a frenzy among the many fans these creators have. The vinyl figure measures in at 8 inches tall and will cost US$179, inclusive of free worldwide shipping. The figure will start shipping out Q3 of 2020.

While there are certainly some legal conditions to fulfill, here’s hoping that Danil YAD Yarmin’s creative gets its reward.

Mighty Jaxx & Danil YAD Yarmin Immortalise Hideo Kojima With Legendary Figure - Pre-order

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