McDonald’s Happy Meal Has Toys For The LEGO Movie 2!

With the upcoming release of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part in less than a month’s time, McDonald’s will be teaming up with Warner Bros. to release a number of Happy Meal toys based on characters from the movie.

There will be a total of 12 of these adorable toys to collect. Though right now, it seems that only a select number of them will be available in each country. Guess you might need to head to Airfrov to collect the rest then.

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Taiwan’s McDonald’s will only be having eight toys out of twelve to collect.

Every purchase of a Happy Meal at McDonald’s will entitle you to receive one of the LEGO ‘faces’, which are not just nice to look at but each toy is able to open up, revealing a mini-game for kids to play with.

So far, it has only been announced in Taiwan that the LEGO Happy Meals toy will be available for collection there from February 14 onwards. Reports have also surfaced with claims that these toys will be available in the United States from January 29.

We wonder what other movie collaborations will McDonald’s be doing this year. A How To Train Your Dragon one soon maybe? Or a collaboration with Disney for all their live-action movies coming out this year?

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