LEGO’s First Dungeons & Dragons Set (21348) For 50th Anniversary Offers Playable Map

Dungeons & Dragons’ (D&D) first official LEGO Ideas set finally has an official name and code, the LEGO Ideas 21348 Dungeons and Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale. A fitting name for the red fire-breathing dragon that looms menacingly above the tower, with plenty of surprises within.

The set was announced as part of the tabletop roleplaying game’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and was chosen as the winning entry from BoltBuilds in a competition hosted by LEGO that challenged builders to create D&D set pieces. There have been some minor changes to the build, which originally had a green dragon.

LEGO also shared a sneak peek at the Gelatinous Cube that will be part of the many D&D easter eggs to find in the set. Dungeons and Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale retails for US$359.99 and includes six minifigures, a Beholder, and Displacer Beast. Getting your hands on the set will also include a bonus brick-built mimic as a free separate bonus.

Joining the box set is a line of minifigures that will be available as blind box collectibles this fall. These include:

  • Tiefling Sorcerer with Red Baby Dragon
  • Golden Dragonborn Paladin with Shield
  • Tasha the With Queen with Cauldron
  • White Aarakocra Ranger with Dog
  • Mindflayer with Intellect Devourer
  • Dwarf Barbarian with Axe
  • Strahd von Zarovich with Sword
  • Githyanki Warlock with Knife
  • Halfling Druid with Bird
  • Halfling Bard with Lute
  • Lady of Pain with Cube
  • Szass Tam with Skull

The LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set will be available on the LEGO website on 1 April (no, this is not a joke).