Marvel’s Midnight Suns Gameplay First Look Reveal Card-Battling Mechanics

Just last week, we got the reveal of the upcoming tactical roleplaying game from Firaxis Games in the form of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and suffice to say, the reception was overwhelmingly positive. Combining the rich lore and characters from the darker side of comics with strategic gameplay made sense, and now, we have the first official look at the gameplay for Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Featuring 12 playable heroes at launch, players will have a robust roster to choose from, each packing their own unique abilities. You are free to assemble your team of four, from damage-dealers to healers, and together with the fully customisable Hunter, take down Hydra and Lilith.

Abilities come in the form of cards, which will be expanded and upgraded as you progress through the game. At the start of combat, players will be dealt a random hand, allowing for tactical decisions to be made. The environment, think iconic locations like Avengers Towers and the like, will come into play as well. Judging from the gameplay shown for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, not everyone is gonna love the card system.

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Players can tailor the Hunter to their playstyles according, with light and dark powers there to be tapped. The former is more about support or healing, while the latter brings destruction and have a price to pay for you and your allies.

Outside of battle, the living hub that is the Abbey will be where the team rests up. It offers more gameplay opportunities in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, with exploration and story big components. Players can look forward to unlocking new costumes, more abilities, and engage in missions through the hub.

Relationships are also a focus, allowing the Hunter and the other heroes to firm up their bonds. These will bring additional combat benefits, which will come in handy in the war against the dark side. No word yet on romancing, although that would not be too surprising.

We will get even more information in the coming months about Marvel’s Midnight Suns, be it the gameplay, the story, or other mechanics. A March 2022 release is not that far off, and gives the team plenty of time to polish things, hopefully, the final product will be as exciting as that first reveal.

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