Marvel Debuts New Hi-Tech Spider-Man Suit For 2021

Over the years, Spider-Man has donned a number of iconic costumes from his classic red and blue digs to the black suit to the Iron Spider – and we haven’t even spoken about the ones in video games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Now, he’s about to put on a brand new suit and it’s quite a departure from his traditional look.

Amazing Spider-Man

This vibrant new look designed by Dustin Weaver swaps out the iconic red and blue for a grey and navy number with orange accents. The design, according to the designer, is meant to be a hi-tech and futuristic take on the web-slinger’s suit. This is especially seen in the suit’s face mask where it replicates the look of a robot with a circular knob-like addition to the side of the face.

“This design was really a collaborative effort between Nick Spencer, Editor Nick Lowe, and I. They reined in the weirder and more techy features I was bringing and helped create something that I think is simple and both futuristic and classical,” said Weaver. “I can’t wait to see Patrick Gleason really bring it to life!”

Amazing Spider-Man

The mysterious new suit will feature on the covers of The Amazing Spider-Man #62 and The Amazing Spider-Man #63 comics. Marvel assures that it is not a look that will last years and years as the design comes with some in-story justifications. That said, it won’t take long until Spidey is back in his normal suit as he usually does after one or two takes.