Lovecraft Country Creator Misha Green, Stars Jonathan Majors And Jurnee Smollett Hoping For A Season 2

* This article includes spoilers for Lovecraft Country‘s finale episode.

Lovecraft Country just premiered its season finale and wrapped up the show by hosting a spectacular and immersive concert featuring Janelle Monáe. But is that all there really is to the show?

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The season finale, titled ‘Full Circle’, has left fans, creator Misha Green and even lead cast members Jonathan Majors and Jurnee Smollett yearning for more. To quickly recap, Atticus (Majors) is dead and he may not be coming back even if he wanted to. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Majors shared that he was equally heartbroken to hear that Tic would die in the ritual. Nonetheless, Majors was happy with the way Tic left.

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“I remember I thought while shooting it, ‘This is the episode where he’s at peace for the first time.’ He’s tormented this entire time by this impending doom, this idea of death. But yeah, it shook me up, and all of that kind of evaporated when we began shooting it because I thought, ‘This is the way it has to go,’ because it’s all in there” said Majors. “At least I have a line that says, ‘I don’t want to die, mama,’ and she says, ‘It is what you have to do. It is your position because of fate, because of our legacy, because of our family.’ And he passes it on. It’s living in Leti. It’s living in baby George, potentially.”

“If the angels that be see fit that I continue in some twist, however, they’re going to do it, then that’s what they’ve ordained and that’s what I would do. But I’m very at peace with where it is now. I feel like we’ve really told something great. That said, if they even creak the door open, I’d bang that b**** down to get back into this world and play with this family,” he continued.

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Speaking of family, Letitia (Smollett), feels that a second season is warranted. “I mean, it would be so wrong to folks, the way episode 10 ends, to not do another season,” she told Deadline before the finale. “But listen, it’s not up to me. It’s up to the suits.”

Whilst the decision lies heavily in the hands of HBO Executives, Lovecraft Country creator Green hopes for a new season and shared what it could potentially look like should she receive the green light.

“Nothing is official yet, but I envision a second season that carries on the spirit of Matt Ruff’s novel by continuing to reclaim the genre storytelling space that people of colour have typically been left out of,” teased Green.

That said, whilst fans anxiously wait for a potential season 2, Crafting Lovecraft Country – a show that brings viewers behind the scenes of filming the tv series – will be released on HBO Max 26 October 2020.