Live-Action Dynasty Warriors Movie Brings Musou Action to Life

Dynasty Warriors has enjoyed a largely successful run in the realm of gaming, with the latest in the line-up being Dynasty Warriors 9.

The reimagined tale of Chinese history, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and their beloved, iconic characters have captured the hearts of many, especially those of the Western audiences.

Come 2019, the hack-and-slash action will be carried over to the silver screen.

As per the trailer, Musou is explained to be a manifestation of the ‘Pan Gu’ energy in the human body, which is an ability only subjected to certain individuals.

Directed by accomplished Hong Kong director Roy Chow Yin Yeung, the live-action adaptation features a strong cast, with industry veterans like Louis Koo (Lu Bu), Tony Yang (Liu Bei), and Wang Kai (Cao Cao) leading the charge.

Fans of the series will recognise some familiar elements from the trailer above, from the iconic silhouette shot of Liu Bei’s back to the signature 100-versus-one battle system found across all the Dynasty Warriors titles.

The environmental and costume designs seem to accurately reflect that of their game counterparts as well, thus injecting a sense of authenticity to the film.

Planned a year after its initial release date of 2017, it’s hoped that the extra year of development has been put to good use by beefing up existing content so that it doesn’t end up as another disappointing screenplay adaptation.

But hey, at least the movie’s got their Musou-packed scenes nailed to near perfection, and that’s half the reason for fans to anticipate its arrival!