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Aladdin Trailer: Will Smith As Genie Is Looking Very Blue

Well, Will Smith certainly kept to his promise of being a giant blue genie.

Mega Man Blasts Off To Hollywood In The Form Of A Live-Action Movie

Presenting the Mega Man venture that nobody asked for.

The Best And Worst Live-Action Anime Movies Ever Made

The good, the bad, and the ugly of live-action anime adaptations.

Legendary And Sunrise To Helm First-Ever Live-Action Gundam Film

Finally, the time for RX-78 to shine on the silver screen is here.

Mobile Suit Gundam Gears Up For Live-Action Venture

Together with...My Gundam...we shall head on down the path of live-action adaptations...

Donnie Yen Joins Cast Of Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Movie

The Chinese superstar brings his martial arts skills from the Ip Man franchise over to Disney's live-action adaptation...

Live-Action Dynasty Warriors Movie Brings Musou Action to Life

Translating musou action from the game world to the silver screen.