LEGO Introduces New Botanical Collection: The 10289 Bird of Paradise

If Instagram is the source of truth, it might appear that many folks have discovered a green thumb. Scrolling through feeds, taking care of houseplants is all the rage these days.

But what if purchasing a Monstera deliciosa might be too much of a commitment?

Well, given the popularity of LEGO’s past Botanical Collection in the form of a bonsai and flower bouquet, the LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise will prove to be a hit.

Weighing in at 1,173 pieces, the LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise is the biggest of the botanical collection so far.

Considering that the set is a 1:1 creation, the pricing of this set will come at a premium. Right now, the recommended retail price will come in at €99.99/US$99.99/£89.99.

The set will be released on 1 June 2021 via LEGO Brand and Certified Stores. If you’re looking to grab a set, be sure to check out LazadaShopee, and Amazon, as well as LEGO Certified Stores, major retailers, and department stores in Singapore.