League of Legends’ Name For 2025 Fighting Game, ‘2XKO’ Made Us LOL

League of Legends‘ 2025 fighting game finally has a name, and it’s a LOL (laugh-out-loud)-worthy one. 2XKO, abbreviated for Two-Time Knockout, is an action-packed 2v2 tag fighter game, previously using Project L as a placeholder name.

Riot Games also dropped a gameplay trailer accompanying the news, as familiar characters battle each other. Fans, however, are not too happy about the name change, with many echoing the sentiment that Project L would have been a better name for the game.


And it looks like we’ll be seeing more of 2XKO, with the game making its first stop in EVO Japan in April, where players can playtest the game. Tom Cannon, the executive producer of the game, also announced in a YouTube video detailing this year’s plans for the game that slots for online playtesting are currently open and fans can register on the game’s webpage.

“You’re going to see a lot more of us this year, and we think that this community-first approach is the most effective way to make 2XKO the best game it could be at launch and beyond.”