Keanu Reeves Talks ‘John Wick’ Spin-off Film, ‘Ballerina’

John Wick: Chapter 4 is hitting theatres soon but actor Keanu Reeves is excited about the spin-off instead.

Appearing at the CCXP Event in Brazil, the 58-year-old actor shared new details about the spin-off film – aptly titled Ballerina. The movie will revolve around a character played by Ana de Armas and will follow up on the glimpses into the larger assassin world that John Wick: Chapter 3 briefly hinted at in a handful of scenes.

“[She is a] woman who has some very difficult circumstances and who’s looking for revenge. Whoever killed her- someone killed her father. Who could that be? And so it’s her journey for actually understanding her past. She lost her father at a young age, and she doesn’t really know what happened. Only that someone came into the house and killed her father, who had a tattoo. And as we know in John Wick, if you have a tattoo, something’s going on,” shared Reeves at the panel.


Reeves also claimed that he’s only a secondary character in the movie. Returning alongside Reeves is Ian McShane and and Lance Reddick as Winstone and Charon respectively.

“I’m in it for a few sequences,” Reeves explained. “The script’s great, and the story’s cool. Looking forward to it.”

For a franchise that started off with one man getting pissed off that someone shot his dog, a father-revenge story doesn’t seem very imaginative, but if Ballerina has gotten Reeves excited, then maybe we are too.

Currently, there is no release date attached to Ballerina. John Wick: Chapter 4 however, is set to release exclusively in theatres on 24 March 2023.