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Iron Man Experience Coming to Hong Kong Disneyland in January 2017

As if you need another reason to visit Hong Kong Disneyland, the folks at Disney are giving you one more reason to drop by the next time you are in town. Disney Parks’ first Marvel-themed ride will be blasting off this coming January 11, 2017 as the Iron Man Experience comes to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Promising a unique and immersive experience, guests will ride along with Iron Man himself to fight the evil forces of Hydra in the streets of Hong Kong. Mr Stark promises us a dose of reality mixed with comic book fantasy.

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Not only do you get to experience Stark Expo, where the latest high-tech creations of Iron Man litter the exhibition halls for you to inspect and marvel (pun intended) at, take a seat in the new Iron Wing flight vehicle and make your way to the world’s largest Arc Reactor on top of Hong Kong Stark Tower. Of course, what could go wrong except for the appearance of Hydra goons? Suit up and join Iron Man in a battle against the ever present danger of Hydra!

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The Iron Man Experience will also be complemented with a host of themed areas at Tomorrowland. With the Expo Shop selling Marvel-themed merchandise already open, you can expect to find over 70 HK Disneyland exclusive Iron Man goodies in addition to over 250 Marvel related merchandise. From toys, key chains, apparels to accessories, if you cannot be an Avenger you might as well dress like one!

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Guests can also try on the Iron Man suit in the interactive game “Become Iron Man at the Stark Expo”. Interactive motion-sensing technology will enable you to experience the various functions of the suit and step into the shoes of a superhero as you fight the forces of evil in Hong Kong!

No trip to Disneyland is complete without a digital photo collage of your superhero adventure, alongside a digital download of a video of your armoured transformation!

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We can’t wait for the the experience to become fully operational this coming January, and for the first Marvel-themed ride in Disneyland, it is definitely shaping up to be a solid one.

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