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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Multiplayer Possible With Guerrilla Games’ New Job Posting

While we’re still waiting for Guerrilla Games to officially announce Horizon Zero Dawn 2, here’s an interesting new prospect: the sequel to the 2017 Game of the Year might have multiplayer.

As spotted by Redditor u/BongRippaTheSkeptic (the same user who noticed Bethesda hiring new folks to upscale production for The Elder Scrolls VI), one of the new job postings on the Guerrilla Games website included a Game Server Engineer, which could indicate a potential debut of online multiplayer to Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

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The overview states that this role is to support the project “for an unannounced title”, which is very likely to be the upcoming sequel. Also, the job description states that one of the key responsibilities is to:

  • “build a robust backend that can scale up to serve many concurrent users”;
  • “work on systems like matchmaking, tournaments, clans and leaderboards”, and
  • “integrate the game servers with the PlayStation Network and other third party services”, to name a few.
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While the job description is very generic at first glance, the above phrases are major telltale signs that we could see an online multiplayer component in Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Whether or not we actually get that hinges on Guerrilla Games making an official announcement.

In other related news, it looks as though the first game could be coming to PC in the near future.

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