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Hideo Kojima Teases Something Big For Death Stranding On May 29

With Hideo Kojima’s genius at work, Death Stranding is without a doubt one of the most hotly-anticipated titles for the near future. Following a grand trailer reveal at E3 2018, news about the game has more or less fell off the grid, which left plenty of viewers and gamers confounded at the sheer eccentricity of it all.

Until now, that is. The acclaimed video game auteur has dropped a surprise visual on Twitter after nearly one year of radio silence, alongside a May 29 date mention and a “Create the rope” catchphrase, whatever that means.

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It has certainly garnered the attention of the internet, with many expressing a blend of excitement and utter confusion (relatable, truly). The first tweet was then quickly followed up by two other short teasers – the first one bearing the “Create the rope” tagline against the backdrop of a palm with moving visuals, and another with a “Help us reconnect” phrase, as well as two hands in frame. Ooh, mysterious.

In sheer Kojima fashion, everything is made deliberately bizarre and bewildering, though hints of yellow, robotic components, flashing lights, and what appears to be a gun-cocking action can be gleaned from the latest reel. It says absolutely nothing, but we sure are enjoying the suspense. Kojima-san, you big, big tease – all of us need a…hand in figuring out what Death Stranding is really about.

The announcement pretty much comes across as unexpected, although it really shouldn’t be, with E3 2019 just around the corner. For the first time ever, Sony will be giving the big gaming event a miss, as the industry giant shifts their focus to “exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019”, including the State of Play segment, which is Sony’s version of the Nintendo Direct – or similar, anyway.

The cover image of Hideo Kojima’s Twitter page – does it bear any relevance to the teaser?

Based on the slew of teasers revealed by Kojima, chances are a gameplay trailer is on the horizon, alongside a probable release date announcement that has many placing early 2020 as the launch window. Should that be the case, the arrival of Death Stranding cuts close to the launch of PlayStation 5, but no worries – Sony has confirmed that the game will still be coming to PS4, together with other first-party titles.

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Looking forward to whatever’s up your sleeve, Kojima-san!

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