Here’s How Natalie Portman Might Look As The Goddess Of Thunder In Thor: Love and Thunder

One of the highlights of last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 was, without a doubt, the unveiling of Natalie Portman as the new Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The two-time Academy Award winner got such a raucous applause when she came on the stage of Marvel Studios’ Hall H panel, especially when director Taika Waititi handed her the iconic Mjolnir.

Jane Foster is set to rejoin her love interest, the Odinson, in the fourth Thor movie. And while we’re still a ways to go from the November 2021 screening, many have already begun speculating as to how Portman would look like as the new Goddess of Thunder.

Of course, taking cue from the now-iconic Jane Foster Thor as seen in Marvel Comics from 2014 onwards, many fans have attempted to replicate that awesomeness in Portman’s likeness.

Here are some fan renditions of the Goddess of Thunder, with their social media handles in case you’re a fan of any particular one.

To start, here’s our personal favourite by @finalgirl.edits, who so far is the only one who did a proper mockup of the Thor: Love and Thunder poster, complete with Fat Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Female Thor and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson).





Of course, for those who have been following the Thor comics, many would no doubt be curious to see Natalie Portman shave her head once more as Jane Foster who’s been diagnosed with cancer, when she’s not hamering things in the face. Oh wait, she already did that in V for Vendetta way back in 2005.

So far, the fan art here hasn’t disappointed us. Actually, it’s made our already painful wait for the November 5, 2021 release date for Thor: Love and Thunder even more so.