Halle Bailey Makes A Splash In Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ Official Trailer

Disney has taken viewers under the sea in its official trailer for The Little Mermaid.

Unveiled at the 95th Academy Awards show earlier today, the trailer sees plenty of nods to the original animated film such as Ariel saving Prince Eric from the shipwreck, Ariel’s confrontation with her father King Triton, the mermaid princess’ first meet with sea witch Ursula, and when she finally gets her first pair of legs.

Most, if not all of these visuals are accompanied by Halle Bailey’s enchanting performance of Part of Your World, an iconic song from The Little Mermaid. The trailer also featured the iconic moment of Ariel triumphantly breaching onto a rock with waves crashing around her as she sings her heart out.

Little Mermaid

“It has been such an honour stepping into the iconic role of Ariel,” Bailey said onstage of the 95th Academy Awards before being interrupted by applause. “It was an extraordinary experience, a dream come true for me.”

Bailey plays the Disney Princess Ariel while Melissa McCarthy assumes the role of Disney Villain Ursula.  Javier Bardem is the overprotective King Triton and Jonah Hauer-King is the dashing Prince Eric. Daveed Diggs voices Sebastian, Awkwafina voices Scuttle and Jacob Tremblay plays Ariel’s best fishy friend, Flounder.

The Little Mermaid debuts in theatres on 26 May.