Goofy Dad Returns To Recreate More Than 200 Taunts From Super Smash Bros

With the release of the newest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which touts the biggest roster of playable characters yet, it should come as no surprise that Nick Luciano’s dad, now 67-years-old, is back once again to recreate each of the fighter’s taunts, and there are over 200 of them.

Luciano’s dad previously performed all the taunts from Smash Bros. Wii U. Since then he has also reenacted the emotes of Overwatch’s heroes and all of the poses from Street Fighter II.

Now he is back to reenact the classics such as Pikachu’s adorable “Pika Pika!” and Captain Falcon’s “Show me your moves!”, and challenging himself with the game’s newer additions.

The filming of the video apparently took two days to finish, which they completed over the holiday break. The video itself last for nearly seven minutes.

We wonder what other interesting and funny videos Luciano’s dad will bring us next.