I received Bombshell as a Christmas present and having no idea that the Combiner Wars series was out, this came as, figuratively, as a bombshell indeed.

Together with my entire haul, I have Skydive and Silverbolt which I hope to review sometime soon. But let’s get to Bombshell first.

The carded figure is a beauty to look at. Much more interesting than the ones we’ve seen so far which is a big improvement.


At the reverse side we get a quick preview how Bombshell looks like in his beetle mode and it appears all the new combiner wars series bots indicate how many steps it takes to transform them.


Ripping into the box, we release the bug from his plastic prison.

Let me sing you the song of my people

transformers-combiner-wars-bombshell-review-robot transformers-combiner-wars-bombshell-review-robot-front-5

Bombshell has a generous amount of articulation for a figure of this price and size. The only thing that doesn’t rotate would be his head.

The paint job is excellent and certainly puts the Hasbro Star Wars guys to shame. Downside of this figure would be that he does not come with a weapon and his ‘hands’ are simply part of his blasters.

Bombshell’s alternate mode of Rhinoceros Beetle is nice and compact. Changing him into this mode is a breeze.


His legs are bendy plastic so there’s no worry of snapping off. They all swivel nicely as well and helps give the alt mode a nice low profile.

Not exactly the most elegant from the bottom but it works. Those are his arms by the way.


My only real gripe would that Bombshell has his boosters that stick out in robot mode. I’m certain that they might come to use sometime in the future but it looks rather off.transformers-combiner-wars-bombshell-review-robot-knee

Really love what Hasbro has done with this new series of 2015 Transformer releases but we seem to be experiencing a fair bit of price tag inflation. You can get this small dude at SGD$19.90. It might be a bit on the steep side but I reckon this is the new norm. If this is the quality that Hasbro will be rolling out in the future, I’d say that’s a fair price.

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Who turned out the lights?

Included is a collectible card which make Bombshell look even more badass. I very much prefer the current look instead.



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