Geek Preview: 20 Minutes Of Dune IMAX Footage Shows Breathtaking Visuals And Epic Score

After months of delay, Dune will finally be hitting cinemas on 14 October 2021. Having had the opportunity to watch the first 10 minutes, as well as a special “worm sign” scene from the movie, we understand why star Timothée Chalamet was strongly against releasing the movie on streamers.

Warning: discussion of scenes in Dune. This is your sign to stop reading if you do not wish to know.

The first 10 minutes of Dune starts with a beautiful view of Arrakis and its sand dunes. Narrated by Zendaya (who plays Chani), viewers are introduced to the land, its people and the significance of spice – a highly sought after resource within the whole galaxy. Chalamet comes on screen shortly after as his character Paul Atreides. It’s hinted that Paul has special abilities, particularly prescience abilities where he has foreknowledge or receives premonitions in the form of dreams.

Viewers are later introduced to members of House Atreides and how they later became involved with spice-harvesting in Arrakis. The first ten minutes also involves a ceremonial exchange between a representative of the Emperor and Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) that could cut butter with its tension. The aesthetic of the scene – and most of what we’ve seen so far, including trailers and pictures – reveals that director Denis Villeneuve takes a tactile realism and utilitarian approach to filming the movie. Think Blade Runner 2049 but with stronger tones of orange and grey.


As for the “worm sign” scene, director Villeneuve said it was his favourite scene. In it, viewers see Paul arrive on Arrakis for the first time and how he formed an instant connection to the land, even inhaling spice itself. We also got to see a sandworm up close and just how menacing the creatures are.

We won’t spoil it any further for you, but one thing’s for sure, Dune is visually stunning with an equally beautiful music score (by the talented Hans Zimmer) that transports viewers straight into the sci-fi world. Everything is a breathtaking sight, from the gritty, scratchy tones of sand to the unique ambient music that accompanies the scenes.

With a brand new trailer debuting, Dune has the markings of a masterpiece that is unlike any sci-fi movie currently showing in cinemas. Dune looks promising thus far and is definitely a movie that fans would want to catch when it finally hits the theatres on 14 October 2021.