‘Dune: Part Two’ Smashes Global Box Office Records, Is Timothée Chalamet’s Biggest Hit

Dune: Part Two has emerged triumphant at the box office, and the film is officially actor Timothée Chalamet’s biggest hit, beating out Wonka (which Chalamet also stars in) with a US$660 million global sweep.

dune box office

Its sequel also surpassed Dune: Part One’s revenue which took home US$406 million, and the box office forecast is looking to rake in almost double the amount, with one of the biggest IMAX releases. Chalamet portrays protagonist Paul Atreides in the films, and his rise to power in Arrakis. Chalamet has been in plenty of big movies over the years, including Wonka, Little Women, and Interstellar, and his success with the Dune franchise could see the actor landing even bigger roles.

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dune box office

A third movie in the Dune film series was also confirmed to be in early development last week, as director Denis Villeneuve takes on adapting the Dune: Messiah novel for the big screen, with accomplished composer Hans Zimmer behind the soundtrack. There’s still many more books in the novel series, but Villeneuve has his sights set on other directorial prospects, like adapting Annie Jacobsen’s Pulitzer Prize finalist novel Nuclear War: A Scenario in the near future.

There’s plenty in store on the horizon for Dune, and Part Two brings the franchise to greater success as the box office numbers roll in.