Funcom Unveils New ‘Dune: Awakening’ Game Trailer

Return to Arrakis and venture deeper into the world of Dune, as Funcom unveils its most ambitious open-world survival multiplayer MMO yet, Dune: Awakening. Fight sandworms across the hostile desert and control the spice, as the game brings Arrakis to life.

The trailer shows off deadly sandworms which are eager to attack, plenty of combat encounters, and you’ll even get to build and expand your very own base, as well as harvest spice. All you have to do is survive, but danger lurks at every turn.

dune: awakening

Dune cinematographer Greig Fraser also had creative input on the game’s development, along with Funcom Creative Director Joel Bylos who also visited the film’s set, and the duo gave fans an insight into the game’s creation in a behind-the-scenes clip.

“Arrakis is this unrelenting anvil against which people are beaten and shaped and forged into something that’s stronger. There’s something very spiritual about that,” says Bylos about the world he’s brought to life, “when you survive long enough it’s now time to think about political survival and how you progress within the universe.”

Dune: Awakening has no confirmed release date yet, so stay tuned for more developments on the game!